18 Business Ideas for Nurses

Nurses have immense skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge as they embark on their careers. Much of the experience gained from being a nurse can be leveraged into running a successful business. For healthcare professionals such as registered nurses looking to start their own business, we’ll go through some of the best ideas for nurse entrepreneurs.

Can You Start Your Own Business as a Nurse?

Many nurses have started their own businesses and transitioned to becoming small business owners. With the right business idea and an entrepreneurial spirit, there are plenty of business ideas for nurses with a lot of potential.

To start your own nursing-related business, you’ll need to look at suitable ideas and create a business plan. Depending on the type of business you start, you may need additional licenses or certifications.



The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has seen significant growth over the year, with many profitable businesses emerging in this space. The healthcare industry continues to be on a strong trajectory for growth, and there is a greater need for medical professionals to join the space to offer more services and provide knowledge.

Nurse Entrepreneur Ideas

There are many nurse entrepreneur business ideas that could prove to be a good opportunity. Many of these business ideas require specific nursing knowledge and an experienced nurse at the helm to create a strong business.

1. Legal Nurse Consultant

business ideas for nurses

Legal nurse consultants tend to be a niche role that can be in demand. It can be a lucrative business for a registered nurse to provide expertise to medical law firms and attorneys for their cases. As a consultant to attorneys and law firms, nurse practitioners will analyze healthcare issues and cases using their specialized knowledge.

2. Nurse Health Coach

Coaching businesses are on the rise, and health coaching is an excellent business idea for nurses to consider. As a coach, you’ll help your clients achieve optimal health based on their goals and expertise. In addition, nurse health coaches work with health-conscious customers and clients. You’ll empower them to take control of their own health through wellness coaching and more.

3. Health Care Training Business

Nursing training is often difficult and time-consuming, but there s always a need for trained nurses. Many nurses have started their own training business, working with healthcare providers to prepare incoming nursing students and help them gain the experience needed as specialized care providers.

You can create specific training programs alongside nursing school experience to ensure quality training.

4. Child Care Centre

business ideas for nurses

Nurses can also transition to care positions, such as becoming child care providers. This could mean starting your own child care center based on state licensing requirements. You can create a fun and engaging daycare space for children while also providing advice on childcare health.

5. Fitness Nurse

The realm of sports and fitness has seen an increasing need for medical professionals who can bridge the gap between athletic performance and health. A fitness nurse is uniquely positioned to offer specialized care tailored to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals recovering from sports-related injuries.

As a fitness nurse, your blend of medical knowledge and understanding of physical performance can be invaluable in various settings. By starting a fitness nursing business, you could provide a range of services including:

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Work closely with athletes and trainers to devise strategies that minimize the risk of injuries. When injuries do occur, provide therapeutic care to hasten recovery.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Offer recommendations tailored to the specific needs of athletes or those engaged in fitness activities, ensuring they fuel their bodies optimally for performance and recovery.
  • Fitness Assessments: Conduct tests and assessments to determine an individual’s fitness level, helping them set and monitor goals.
  • On-site Support at Sports Events: Be present at athletic events or competitions to offer immediate care in case of injuries or to provide advice on hydration, stretching, and more.
  • Training Workshops: Organize sessions for athletes, coaches, and gym members on topics like proper stretching techniques, the importance of hydration, signs of overtraining, and other relevant topics.

By diversifying the services you offer as a fitnes

6. Medical Equipment Business

business ideas for nurses


Medical product sales tend to be a profitable route for nurses, and why they’re good business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs. Medical companies that sell medical supplies are more likely to work with nurses and are always in demand in the medical industry.

As part of the role, you’ll use your specialized knowledge and experience while visiting a doctor’s office to talk through products and sell them.

7. Nurse Blogger

business ideas for nurses


Nurse blogging can be a great way to earn money while connecting with younger nurses. You can use your blog to provide insight on what it’s like to be a nurse at a private practice or a public hospital, what the nursing niche is all about, and how you’ve moved forward in your career. You can earn money from visits to the blogs and also through methods such as affiliate links for products you discuss.

8. Medical Spa

Medical spas have become more common, and many of them are seeking experienced nurses as part of the business. You can start a medical spa working together with plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists to provide care for patients coming in for procedures, and it will entail providing cosmetic and aesthetic nursing to patients.

9 Childbirth Education

Childbirth educators play a pivotal role in the prenatal world. You can work as an independent consultant to help women during pregnancy and provide necessary medical information, personal hygiene recommendations, and more. The goal is to provide women with accurate information about childbirth and enable them to make informed care decisions.

10. Herbal Medicine

business ideas for nurses


As alternative medicine becomes more common, some nurses have moved toward creating their own practice to offer herbal medicine-based treatments.

A great deal of research is required to run a thriving holistic practice in this realm, so certifications may be needed. You’ll work with trained professionals to treat patients with herbal remedies, mainly focusing on cleansing and detoxification.

11. Fertility Consulting

Another option for nurses is to move into the fertility space. This can include providing medical advice based on training in obstetrics and gynecology across different parts of the fertility journey.

Consulting services include pregnancy preparation, specific fertility conditions, lactation consulting, and more.

12. Physical Therapy

One of the best business ideas for nurses is to move into the physical therapy space. You can work with patients of all ages and conditions to help them regain their physical fitness and work with them for rehabilitation after injuries and other conditions.

13. End-of-life care

Many business ideas for nurses are based on their ability to provide specialized care and support for patients. A hospice or a care facility of that kind can be a business to consider, as it can be a safe place for patients and patients’ family members to spend time together during this period with nursing support.

14. Nurse-Led Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats are in demand as people look to disconnect from their busy lives and focus on health. As a nurse, you can curate wellness retreats tailored to specific health goals or general well-being, including yoga, meditation, nutrition workshops, and more.

15. Telehealth Consultation Service


With the rise of telemedicine, offering remote healthcare services has never been more relevant. Starting a telehealth consultation service allows nurses to give medical advice, conduct assessments, and provide patient education from the comfort of their own home or office.

16. Lactation Consultancy

With the right certification, nurses can guide new mothers through the often challenging breastfeeding journey. As a lactation consultant, you can help address common breastfeeding issues, give advice on nutrition, and ensure both mom and baby are thriving.

17. Health and Wellness Podcast/YouTube Channel

Online platforms present an opportunity to reach a vast audience eager for credible health and wellness insights. By leveraging their unique knowledge, skills, and experiences, nurses can provide content that is both informative and relatable.

Here are some compelling reasons and potential content areas to consider when starting a health and wellness podcast or YouTube channel:

  • Broaden Reach: Digital platforms allow you to reach a global audience, providing an opportunity to educate and inspire people from all walks of life.
  • Diverse Content Possibilities:
    • Personal Stories: Share anecdotes and experiences from your nursing career, offering a window into the world of healthcare.
    • Expert Interviews: Host conversations with doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and other medical professionals, offering varied perspectives on health topics.
    • Medical Breakdowns: Explain complex medical topics in layman’s terms, making them accessible and understandable for everyone.
    • Wellness Tips: Offer advice on everyday wellness, from diet and exercise to mental health and sleep hygiene.
    • Trending Topics: Delve into current health news, research, or controversies, providing a balanced and informed viewpoint.
  • Community Building: Interact with subscribers, answer questions, and build a community of health-conscious individuals. This interaction can lead to meaningful connections and a loyal audience base.

18. Senior Activity Center

Nurses who have experience with geriatric patients can start a senior activity center. It would focus on providing activities that promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being among seniors. This can include light exercises, hobby classes, mental stimulation games, and even therapy sessions.


Business Ideas for Nurses Summary

Business Idea Description
Legal Nurse Consultant Provide expertise to legal firms on medical cases.
Nurse Health Coach Offer wellness coaching and health guidance to clients.
Health Care Training Business Train nursing students and provide specialized care training.
Child Care Centre Childcare combined with health advice.
Fitness Nurse Sports and athletic health care.
Medical Equipment Business Sales and consultancy for medical supplies.
Nurse Blogger Blogging about nursing experiences and insights.
Medical Spa Provide cosmetic and aesthetic nursing in collaboration with surgeons.
Childbirth Education Prenatal consultations and childbirth education.
Herbal Medicine Holistic care and treatment using herbal remedies.
Fertility Consulting Guidance on pregnancy and fertility-related conditions.
Physical Therapy Rehabilitation and physical therapy services for varied conditions.
End-of-life care Specialized care for patients nearing the end of their life.
Nurse-Led Wellness Retreats Organize retreats focused on health and well-being.
Telehealth Consultation Service Offer remote healthcare services and advice.
Lactation Consultancy Guidance and support for new mothers on breastfeeding.
Health and Wellness Podcast/YouTube Channel Digital platform for health topics and advice.
Senior Activity Center Activities promoting well-being among seniors.

Start Your Nursing Business Idea Today

Many nursing business ideas suggested in the list are ways to leverage specialized knowledge and experience. Using specific nursing skills and engaging in critical thinking to see where the business opportunities can lead to amazing small businesses.

If you’re thinking about starting your own company as a nurse, consider these ideas, but think about your own experience and what you enjoy doing to develop a business idea.


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