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Aiken residents looking to relax have another option. 

Haley Maness, owner of Aiken Wellness Spa and Boutique, cut a ceremonial ribbon Tuesday evening to open the business and join the Aiken Chamber of Commerce. 

Maness said the business offers several spa services including a HaloIR salt therapy and infrared sauna chamber, an ionic foot detox bath, oxygen bar and a cocoon/pulsed electromagnetic field machine and vibration plate therapy. 

According to the spa’s website, the HaloIR machine combines the benefits of salt therapy and a sauna, adding it can opens pores and address skin infections and breathing problems. 

Maness said the foot bath works to remove heavy metals from people’s bodies. She said those metals can make people sick. 

The business’s website says the oxygen therapy can reduce stress, increase energy and alertness, alleviate headaches and ease muscle aches. It adds the cocoon supports the healing process at a cellular level. 

She said the building also has community room for yoga, sound baths and engagement classes, and the business also includes IV therapy, acupuncture, organic facials and massage therapy. 

The boutique offers products that Maness sells online through Roots and Leaves and through 600 retailers. Such products include various teas, bug repellant, balms and body butters.

Maness said she formed Roots and Leaves in 2017 after struggling with Lyme disease for several years. On her website, she says mainstream medical treatments weren’t helping so she turned alternative treatments and never looked back. 

She said the boutique part was a natural outgrowth of Roots and Leaves. 

The business is located at 111 Warehouse Road, just past the Sprint station on Richland Avenue East. 

Aiken Wellness Spa and Boutique shares the building with Maggie Rasmussen’s Cleanse Gourmet which sells plant-based and food-grade gourmet ingredient skin care products. 

The spa and boutique occupies the retail side of the building, and Rasmussen makes her products in the warehouse. 

The two decided to rent the space after meeting through the chamber.  

Maness said chamber staff knew she wanted a retail space and needed a partner for the retail half of the building. 

“They connected us and the next week we were basically signing this lease,” Maness said. 

Rasmussen said she was working out of a small studio when World Market ordered around 15,000 units of her product creating the need for Cleanse Gourmet to move to a bigger space. 

“We found this space but we didn’t need the retail side of it, we needed the warehouse side of it,” Rasmussen said. “I met Haley at one of the [chamber’] business afterhours events and we just connected and now we’re here.” 

Aiken Wellness Spa and Boutique’s hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

For more information, call 803-716-8481, visit or find them on Facebook


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