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Car Loan Comparison – Interest Rates from 4.99%

There are several different types of car loans on the Australian market, each of which meet specific financing requirements, including: 

New car loans

New car loans are tailor-made for those looking to purchase brand-new vehicles, as well as previously-owned cars with minimal mileage, typically vehicles that are less than two years old. These loans are for those who prefer the latest models and the assurance of a full manufacturer’s warranty. They often come with low interest rates and flexible terms, making them an attractive option for those who want to drive a brand-new vehicle without making a large upfront payment. 

Used car loans

Used car loans are intended for those looking for vehicles that have passed a certain age threshold, typically more than two years old. These loans cater to buyers who prefer pre-owned cars, often for their cost-effectiveness. Interest rates on used car loans may be slightly higher than those for new cars due to the increased risk, but they provide an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a reliable, well-maintained vehicle. 

Be mindful, though, that used car loans often come with conditions regarding the car’s age. It’s wise to check these before applying for a loan since the car’s age may affect your eligibility and repayment terms. 

Most lenders set a maximum age, typically around 10 to 15 years, to help ensure the car remains functional throughout the loan. If you seek an extended term, like a five-year car loan, some lenders may reject your application if your chosen car is nearing their age limit. 

Green car loans

Green car loans are available to buyers seeking vehicles with environmentally conscious technology, including electric, hybrid, and fuel-efficient models. These car loans exemplify Australia’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Typically offering competitive interest rates and extra incentives, they’re a popular choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on fuel costs. 

While still a relatively recent addition to the Australian personal lending landscape, green car loans signify a rising interest in sustainability. It’s worth noting that not every lender currently offers dedicated green car loans, but this is likely to change as Australia progresses toward an electric future.

Secured car loans

Secured car loans use the vehicle you’re purchasing as collateral to guarantee the loan and reduce the lender’s risk. If you default on your loan repayments, your lender may repossess the car you bought to recover their losses. These car loans often come with low interest rates and favourable terms, making them an attractive choice for those who are confident in their ability to make timely payments. 

Unsecured car loans

Unsecured car loans are not secured by the value of an asset, such as the vehicle you’re buying. This means that if you default on your loan repayments, your lender cannot repossess your car. While these loans often provide greater flexibility and do not put your car at risk, they typically come with higher interest rates to compensate for the increased lending risk. Unsecured car loans may be an appealing option for those who do not want to use their vehicle as collateral. 

Balloon payment

A balloon payment is a unique feature of some car loans where the repayments are start smaller, but the borrower sets aside a portion of the loan principal (often around 25%) to be paid at the end of the loan term. This can help make monthly payments more affordable, but it’s important to be remember that a substantial balloon payment will be due at the end of the loan. 

Chattel mortgage

Chattel mortgages are a finance option when you want to buy a vehicle for business use. The lender puts a legal claim on the item you’re financing as collateral for the loan. This means they can take it back if you don’t keep up with your payments. But once you’ve paid off the loan in full, the ownership of the vehicle is all yours. 

Operating lease

An operating lease is similar to a prolonged car rental agreement where a company leases a car for an extended period.

Commercial hire purchase

Commercial hire purchase is like a rent-to-own arrangement, often involving a finance company purchasing a car on your behalf and allowing you to use it in exchange for regular rental payments. After making several payments, you may be able to own the vehicle. 

Car lease

Similar to a commercial hire purchase, a car lease offers flexibility. You rent the vehicle for a specified period, and at the end of the lease term, you can choose to either return the car or purchase it. Some leases even provide options for customers to trade in their current vehicle to upgrade to the latest model. 

Novated lease

A novated lease is similar to a car lease but involves a more intricate ownership structure. In this arrangement, you acquire the car from a second party, typically your employer, who, in turn, leases it from a third party, usually a finance company. 


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