Finding a Solution That Created a Better Feeling Family

Building healthy habits for your family is hard. I know; I have four kids and I find it to be a daily struggle. My kids don’t always agree with my suggestions to eat fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and get plenty of sleep. And the struggle doesn’t end with my kids. My wife and I also strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but our busy schedules make it challenging to ensure we have balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Low energy, trouble focusing and frequent sickness can plague our house if we’re not practicing healthy habits daily. 

In search of a solution, my wife and I settled on multiple bottles of supplements and gummy vitamins for our kids. Then, I started reading about the negative effects gummies have on teeth, and juggling multiple supplements led to overspending, inconsistency, frustration and eventually, we quit taking the supplements altogether. 

I also own and operate an IV Therapy Spa and we provide one of the most advanced forms of liquid nutrient consumption to local area adults. With the supplement industry being less regulated than IV vitamins which are FDA regulated, I wanted to find a way to bottle up the benefits of the highest-quality grade of vitamins and minerals offered in our IV Spa in one tasty liquid concentrate that could deliver advanced benefits for the whole family.

After searching the market and coming up short, my friend, fellow dad and fitness fanatic Phil Enck and I decided we would have to create the solution ourselves – an all-in-one liquid multi-vitamin that each member of the family can safely take every day and a company to distribute it, appropriately named Better Family.

Our research pointed us toward a liquid vitamin because human bodies absorb 60 to 70% more nutrients from liquid vitamins than their pill-based counterparts. Liquids are also better for kids’ teeth than gummies. The liquid formula can be dispensed through a dropper, so every member of the family can safely take the same product by simply adjusting the dosage. No longer do busy parents have to buy vitamins for the toddlers, young kids, tweens, teens and adults in their home.

Once we found the solution, we needed to figure out a way to manufacture the product and create awareness. Therein lies the hurdle facing every entrepreneur! 

We embarked on seed capital raise and collaborated with a pharmacist who has vast experience working with and formulating pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Then, we were ready to take our product to the market.

Keeping busy parents in mind, we adopted a simple subscription-based model to deliver the Better Family liquid vitamin directly to homes. I’d strongly suggest other DTC e-commerce entrepreneurs consider taking cues from the Software-as-a-Service world in adopting this model. If the last two years of the pandemic have taught us anything about consumer habits, it’s that we want products delivered to our doorstep versus buying them at a store. This model also benefits the business owner as it creates a predictable revenue stream which is important for anyone, but especially an entrepreneur launching a new business. 

The biggest complaint we heard about subscription-based models is that some companies make it easy to sign up, but difficult to cancel. Because part of Better Family’s mission is to add convenience to families’ lives, we created an easy-to-use dashboard so subscribers know exactly how much product they need by entering the number of people in their house and their ages. Customers can also pause their membership at any time so they don’t feel “stuck” paying for a product if they’re out of town or have an unexpected stockpile.

I don’t know that we’ve found the golden ticket, and I’m not sure there is one when it comes to improving the health of your family. By creating Better Family, we found a solution to a problem that plagued our households daily from which others would benefit. We encourage others who are battling an everyday problem to create your own solution. Our solution comes in a small blue bottle – what will yours look like?


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