From head to toe: Local business owner helps people look and feel their best

Owner of DeSimone Shoes and Spa is motivated by the health of her clients.

For Julie DeSimone, chiropodist and owner of DeSimone Shoes and Spa, helping her clients feel their best motivates her to offer services that cover everything from safe pedicures, manicures, facials, to comfortable footwear.

“I wanted to open a spa where you could come and have a safe pedicure. As a chiropodist, I see many clients who have issues that come from unsafe spa treatments. I also wanted to offer shoes that are both stylish and good for the feet,” she says.

A Clean Spa is a Safe Spa

When Julie opened DeSimone Shoes and Spa, she knew that she wanted to go above and beyond the government standards for spa safety.

Her spa uses an autoclave to steam sterilize all of their tools. They scrub their tubs with high level medical grade disinfectant and let them soak for three times longer than required. At DeSimone, they even use individually poured nail polishes and disposable brushes to eliminate any potential cross-contamination in the polish bottles.

“We started off by dissecting the pedicure process and eliminating any cross contamination. Then we added equally safe manicures and other spa treatments to our services,” explains Julie. “Everything we do is incredibly clean and sterile so our clients can enjoy a spa experience without taking home any extra fungus or bacteria.”

Innovative and Effective Spa Treatments

The attention to safety does not end with their manicures and pedicures, though. The team at DeSimone also offers a variety of spa treatments delivered in a relaxing and sanitary environment. Their many treatments include the innovative HydraFacial Elite MD Facials and the HydraFacial Keravive scalp treatments.

“HydraFacial technology cleanses and rehydrates your skin’s tissue. It is equivalent to about three levels above microderm abrasion and two levels below surgery. Our clients look incredible after a 30-minute treatment,” says Julie.

She continues, “The HydraFacial Keravive scalp treatments stimulates hair growth by treating clogged pores on the scalp. It encourages thicker and healthier hair growth by addressing dry skin on the head, clearing out dead skin cells that may be clogging pores, and increasing circulation in the area. People who experience thinning hair for any number of reasons, including adult-onset alopecia, could benefit from this treatment.”

Footwear That Looks and Feels Great

Julie also uses her knowledge and experience as a chiropodist to stock her spa with footwear that is both stylish and foot friendly. Professional shoe fitters help each customer find the type of shoe that is best suited for them.

“We really focus on finding the shoes that are good for your feet,” says Julie. “Good footwear doesn’t have to be expensive orthopedic shoes. We carry a number of great looking brands that have really good arch and heel supports.”

For more information about the services that DeSimone Shoes and Spa offers, contact them at (705) 470-7463 or visit them online. They are located at 761 Lasalle Boulevard, Unit B in Sudbury.


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