Leigh Road plan for stunning new restaurant

A STUNNING glass-fronted restaurant could be built on a prominent corner plot bridging bustling Leigh Broadway with cafes and bars in up-and-coming Leigh Road.

Plans, including images of the plush new restaurant, have been submitted to Southend Council as the transformation of Leigh Road continues and it becomes an offshoot of the ever popular Broadway, boasting an array of independent restaurant, bars and cafes.

The new restaurant – which will create 40 new jobs – would sit almost directly opposite The Grand, which is currently being transformed into 18 apartments as well as a spa and a shop.

Councillors are confident that the restaurant would be complimentary to the area and would provide a clear link between the Broadway and Leigh Road, adding an extra level of vibrancy to the area.

John Lamb, councillor responsible for the West Leigh ward, said: “Well that sort of area and around that corner often does quite well with restaurants.

“It sounds good, and complimentary to the area, and that is always the aim.

“With the Grand and new car park it could really fit in, especially if they focus more on high class cuisine, as it is different and could attract different types of people, and compliment to the builds and developments around there.

“It would be helpful with where it would be too as it is an eye sore going into the Leigh Road, so with that on the corner it could sort of pull visitors around from the Broadway and into Leigh Road.

“It could be a really good opportunity.

“I hope it would make that area more vibrant like the Broadway, so people won’t just come and visit the high-street, but they would go into the Leigh Road, which is always good and what we want.

“It could add a different dimension.”

As well as these plans submitted, there is also plans granted for a bar to go in the former the Regatta site on Leigh Road.

Carolyne Goodall, 53, a Leigh resident, said she has noticed Leigh Road is becoming a bit more lively and again this new restaurant along with other plans could help that further and invite those in the Broadway to Leigh Road and beyond.

“We do have a few restaurants down there, but firstly it is much better than having flats as business keeps people in Leigh.

“Leigh Road is certainly developing a bit more, I go down there quite a bit more now, and there is more going on and more business, I actually noticed that a few weeks ago.

“I think this restaurant could be a good idea, I know we don’t know too much about it, but it sounds a bit different to what we already have, and we could do with that.

“Having it in that location too, encourages people that use the Broadway into Leigh Road too, which is always a good thing.”


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