New Stamford spa combines wellness and looking good

Stamford’s newest business, Pure Chateau Med Spa, held its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 12, and the warm weather made it the perfect day to use one of the spa’s signature services: IV Hydration.

“If you’re out on a hot day like today and you’re playing golf or you’re out with some friends, and you just really can’t even chase your kids around the park,” said owner and founder Natalie Garcia as she scooped up her daughter, “and you want an extra kick rather than taking an energy drink, you can try this treatment.”

Natalie Garcia cuts the ribbon to open her new business. Photo by Justin McGown.

The IV Hydration treatment consists mainly of relaxing while a hydrating and nourishing saline solution is administered intravenously, and it is part of a host of options that Garcia is offering to customers. She also administers Botox injections to slow wrinkle formation and micro needling, where precise stimulation of blood flow to the skin can be used to encourage the repairs to skin damage such as scars.

Vitamin therapy and women’s sexual health services are also available, offered in a visually serene space decorated in light blues and white.

Garcia was previously a pediatric intensive care unit nurse at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center for years, and now works as a hospital administrator at the Brooklyn Campus. When the opportunity to open her own business within her own community arose, she knew she had to take it. The new business is located at the rear of the Urgent Care at 3000 Summer St., and Garcia chose the site to affirm the relationship between health and beauty.

“When I did my research and looked around the area, I saw either an urgent care or hospital or a doctor’s office,” she said. “There was nothing in-between that bridges the gap between emergency health care and people who want to just feel good. You don’t want to always go and see a doctor when wellness can make you feel good and look good at the same time.”

“A lot of times,” she added, “you have outpatient providers that say, ‘Go home, take this medication,’ and there’s really no follow-up. Pure Chateau is essentially a way to give you guidance to help you not only feel good but look good. There are spas out there, but there’s a big difference between a medical spa and a place you go just to get a massage.”

Along with being a nurse and an entrepreneur, Garcia is also a busy mother.

“I have a 10-month-old and a three-year-old daughter,” she said. “My inspiration for opening up this wellness med spa came after I had my children. I never felt like my insides matched how I looked.”

Garcia explained that it is important for people to feel comfortable with how they look, both for the sake of their mental health and to ensure that they are able to fully recover from both physical ailments and the social and economic stress of the past few years.

“In the future, I’m looking to provide yoga services and meditation down the road,” Garcia said of her plans. “I’m going to be listening to the community and what they want, provide them with what they need to relax and regroup and get in touch with themselves.”


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