PLC approved the business plan for the period 2023-2027

(Alliance News) – PLC Spa announced on Friday that it has approved the 2023-2027 business plan in which it forecasts EUR6.0 million in dividends and a gradually growing Ebitda driven by an increase in revenues – 2x to 2027 vs 2023 – and a significant scale effect of overhead costs, with end-of-plan targets of around EUR12-14 million thanks to the contribution of all business areas.

Regarding the economic and financial targets set in the 2023-27 Plan, the company also reported a doubling of revenues with growth to EUR140-150 million, with high visibility on 2023 revenues thanks to backlog and pipeline already about 80% of 2023 revenues; the reduction of the incidence of overhead costs on assumed revenues by about 10 percentage points in 2027; the cumulative investment plan of about EUR20 million over the five-year period 2023-2027; and the cumulative cash flow 2023-2027 with important cash generation able to self-finance growth and the investment plan and lead to a reduction in NFP over the period.

PLC also plans to position itself in the markets of greatest relevance for the energy transition in Italy with consequent ample room for growth.

On the strategic level, it has identified three main strategic pillars aimed at guiding the Group’s evolution toward sustainable growth for all business areas: organic growth based on adjacency development, operational model strengthening, and technical investments.

From a sustainability perspective, PLC plans a commitment to projects to reduce CO2 emissions from its operations, initiatives on social issues-such as diversity & inclusion, health and safety, and territorial impact-and best-practice governance, such as sustainable finance and supply chain.

Francesco Esposito, president of the PLC Group said, “The market context will allow us to capitalize on the PLC Group’s history and distinctive market-leading competencies gained in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure and power plants from renewable energy, overcoming the difficulties experienced in the recent past, and begin a new path of growth that is able to make PLC the true partner of reference for the country’s Energy Transition, consistent with the important national investment plan.”

Diego Percopo, CEO of the PLC Group added, “With the new Business Plan to 2027, we wanted to design a new path for PLC that can make the most of the opportunities offered by the important growth of our reference markets, electrical infrastructure, photovoltaic, wind and biomethane, leveraging the possibility of developing and enhancing the distinctive technical know-how of our resources.”

PLC’s stock trades in the green by 4.4 percent at EUR1.55 per share.

By Chiara Bruschi, Alliance News reporter

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