San Diego-Based iTAN Sun Spray Spa Proudly Celebrates 22 Years in Business

Photo courtesy of iTAN Sun Spray Spa

More than 20 years ago, Faraje and Irina Kharsa arrived to the U.S. with the goal of living the “American dream.” Today, they’ve made their dream a reality.

The Kharsas are the founders of iTAN Sun Spray Spa, a popular San Diego-based tanning salon with locations throughout the region. Since 2001, the company has served more than 500,000 customers across 31 locations in California. 

“Celebrating over 20 years in business means we have found the best way to cater to our local communities,” CEO Faraje Kharsa said. “We’ve been able to unlock and create value for our clients with our service and product offerings. iTAN has been able to successfully provide a balanced, full-body care experience that is private, attainable, easy and enhances your natural beauty while you escape the daily grind.” 

Kharsa said his company has been able to stand apart from other tanning salons because of the overall experience they offer customers. 

“iTAN offers a level of care that is unmatched by our competitors,” Kharsa said. “After years of serving the community, our clients have high expectations when they step into an iTAN salon. We’ve been able to consistently meet these high expectations by executing on our promise to provide convenience, quality, privacy, advanced technology and variety, simplicity and outstanding customer service.”

Photo courtesy of iTAN Sun Spray Spa

With the promise of outstanding customer service is the promise to evolve as technology does. Kharsa said iTAN has stayed innovative in its approach by using modern tanning beds. 

“We first opened as iTAN Solariums, offering only UV tanning, but soon realized the importance of diversifying and adapting to market trends while continuing to offer our original clients the traditional tanning experience they crave,” Kharsa said. “Spray tanning services were added in 2005 and several self-administered spa services were added in 2008, thus prompting our name change to iTAN Sun Spray Spa.”

Today, iTAN offers spa services such as anti-aging red light photo LED facials, acne clearing blue light LED facials, professional grade LED teeth whitening and detoxifying body wraps that utilize infrared light. 

iTAN does more than just offer tanning and spa services though — it also serves the larger community. Over the past 22 years, iTAN has partnered with multiple charitable organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Operation Homefront, Toys for Tots and the Susan G. Coleman Foundation to name a few. The company has also hosted give-back campaigns and donated to local nonprofits. 

“Community is extremely important to iTAN because we are a part of the community we serve,” Kharsa said. “Our owners and staff members are all weaved into the community, so we understand what our clients’ wants and needs are. At the end of the day, the community has the ultimate say of who stays in business, depending on where they choose to spend their hard-earned dollars.”

Through service to the community and to its customers, Kharsa said he is committed to providing world-class service through his company. 

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