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Looking for a way to lose stubborn tummy fat without sweating or treating aches and pain in your body?

Then drive down to Spa Ocean in Chalan Kanoa where its new Theranova Body Care offering may just do the trick for you.

According to the internet, the theranova method achieves these results through thermotherapy and cavitation pressure, where cells are activated, metabolism, blood and lymph circulation are promoted, and wastes accumulated in the body are discharged with metabolism to achieve weight loss and other health care effects.

Spa Ocean supervisor Maureen Aguon said they introduced the Theranova Body Care treatment at the end of June and so far customers who have tried it have come away quite satisfied. 

She said Theranova Body Care provides anti-cellulite care and pain relief.

“Thermal decompression therapy provides anti-aging and improved circulation.  It manages fat and cellulite by combining heat and suction with vacuum action,” she said.

Aguon added that their specially imported Theranova machine from South Korea generates heat within cells, which helps lymph flow, blood flow, pain relief, and concentrated fat loss.

“The Theranova machine shoots energy similar to that flowing in our bodies. Our staff artificially shoot energy to enhance energy flow within a customer’s body which results in pain relief,” she said.

The treatment, however, is not a one-shot deal as best results for Theranova Body Care are achieved if customers sign up for the full four sessions.

Luckily, Spa Ocean has an introductory promotion where the $320 costs for four sessions has been discounted to just $260.

Aside from the Theranova Body Care, Spa Ocean also offers various massage treatments with the Full Body Care Treatment being the most sought after.

Full Body Care A includes body massage, facial, and body scrub, while Full Body Care B comes with body massage, facial, and body treatment.

Spa Ocean also offers Hot Stone Massage for 90 minutes and two hours. A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that places smooth, flat, heated stones on specific parts of the body to help relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues.

Aguon said they’ve also recently introduced a 90-minute Facial Deep Care Treatment that uses an AquaPlus machine.

“It’s a deep cleansing multi-care system that can exfoliate and inject a lot of nutrition deeply by spraying water particles and minerals at the same time as suction using strong pressure,” she said.

Through exfoliation and moisturizing and soothing care the Facial Deep Care treatment removes concentrated waste matter from pores and therefore  gently improves aged dead skin cells and activates healthy skin cells.

Spa Ocean also has Ear Candle Therapy where the treatment relieves pressure from behind the eardrum and relieves earache, headache, and sinus pressure.

Luxurious manicure, pedicure, and foot planning services also were unveiled by Spa Ocean this month. The new services include what they call gel mani, gel extension, pedicure, foot planning, and, and gel remover.

Aguon said Spa Ocean will also soon be offering eyelash extensions.

Spa Ocean is located at Surfrider Resort Hotel, right next to Great Harvest Bread Co. in Chalan Kanoa.

It has three rooms with two beds with each having a private restroom with shower and one room with two beds. 

Spa Ocean is open from 11am to 11pm,  Monday-Sunday. For more information or to make an appointment, call (670) 235-7000 or (670)287-9009 and they can also be reached through their Facebook page: Spa Ocean and Instagram: spaocean_saipan.


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